Picture of Southfork taken by Joe Siegler

One evening, I was watching Dallas on SOAPNet with my wife, and realized that there's quite a few actors who have been on Star Trek as well as Dallas.  I know this is nothing unique to either of these series, as many TV series have the same characters on them.   However, as I really like Dallas and Star Trek, I made the connection.  I do web sites for a living, and as any web designer will tell you (at least any bored one) you make a web page about things you like.   So here I am.

On the pages below I'll have links to pages of pictures for actors that have appeared on both shows.  If I have pictures, I'll definitely include them.   If you know of an actor that's not on the list, please let me know.  Also, if you have pictures of one of these that I don't have (or just better pictures than me), please email me, I'd love to use them.

Actor Star Trek Character(s) Dallas Character Pictures?
Anthony, Richard Rider - "Spectre of the Gun" Waiter - "Old Acquaintance" No | IMDB
Austin, Karen Miral & Dr Kalandra Dailey Partial
Babcock, Barbara Mea 3 & Philana Liz Craig Yes
Beck, John "Boone" Mark Graison Yes
Corbett, Glenn Zephram Cochrane Paul Morgan Yes
Coster, Nicolas Admiral Haftel Joe Morris & Lyle Sloan Partial
Crosby, Mary Natima Lang Kristin Shepard Yes
Geer, Ellen Dr. Kila Marr Mrs. Bouleris No | IMDB
Harris, Joshua "Timothy" Christopher Ewing Yes
Howard, Susan Mara, first female Klingon on Star Trek Donna Culver Krebbs Yes
Imershein, Deirdre Joval & Lt. Watley Jory Taylor Yes
Jenner, Barry Admiral Ross, Star Trek Deep Space 9 Dr Jerry Kenderson Yes
Larroquette, John Maltz, a Klingon Philip Colton Partial
McCloskey, Leigh Joran Belar Dax Mitch Cooper Yes
McGrath, Derek Crewmen Chell, Star Trek Voyager Oswald Valentine Yes
Morshower, Glenn Several - see page Campaign Aide Partial
Mulgrew, Kate Capt Kathryn Janeway Garnet McGee Yes
O'Reilly, Robert Gowron, head of Klingon Empire Drug dealer friend of Tommy McKay Yes
Richman, Peter Mark Ralph Offenhouse Maynard Anderson Yes
Scarabelli, Michelle Lt. Jenna D'Sora Connie Hall Yes
Smithers, William Capt. R.M. Merik Jeremy Wendell Yes
Sorenson, Paul Freighter Captain Andy Bradley Yes
Tarbuck, Barbara Leka Trion & Chancellor Kalev Unnamed & Cliff's Secretary Partial
Taylor-Young, Leigh Yanas Tigan Kimberly Cryder Yes
Toussaint, Beth Ishara Yar Tracy Lawton Yes
Whitmore Jr, James Director, Star Trek Enterprise BJ "Buzz" Conners No | IMDB
Windom, William Commodore Matt Decker Amos Krebbs Yes
Woodward, Morgan Dr Simon Van Gelder Punk Anderson Yes
This is just a start.  I intend on this list being huge

Revision History:

Jun 3, 2020 - Added better pictures for Diedre Immershein
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Dec 15, 2004 - Added better pictures for Barbara Babcock for Star Trek's Plato's Stepchildren
Nov 12 - Added Richard Anthony, Peter Mark Richman, Glenn Morshower, James Whitmore Jr, Karen Austin, Barbara Tarbuck, Ellen Geer
Nov 12 - Added better pictures for William Windom, Deirdre Imershein, Leigh McCloskey, Leigh Taylor-Young
Nov 11/2 - Added these: Leigh McCloskey, Joshua Harris, John Beck, Leigh Taylor-Young, Deirdre Imershein, Mary Crosby
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