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On this page, you can look at various miscellaneous Chef! pictures.
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Special thanks to Doug Wood for the modification to Image 1.

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Image #1

A modified picture of Chef getting irritated with Everton.

[Gareth & Janice]

Image #2

Gareth & Janice Blackstock at their home dinner table.  "You see, it IS a mouse."

[Debra & Alice]

Image #3

Debra & Alice looking lovingly at the new Chef, Gustav LaRoche.

[Gustave arrives]

Image #4

Gustave LaRoche arrives at Le Chateau Anglais.

[Janice Blackstock]

Image #5

Another shot of Janice Blackstock.

[Silliness at the River]

Image #6

Gareth getting out of a river looking very silly.

[Silliness at the River]

Image #7

Gareth sitting down a few minutes later.

[Watching a Video]

Image #8

Gareth & Janice watching an adult video.

[Just A Smiley Pose...]

Image #9

Just a smiley pose.... (Actually, it's my favourite Gareth moment of all 3 series)

[But I haven't yelled at her yet...]

Image #10

But I haven't yelled at her yet.....

[Good Help is So Hard to Find...]

Image #11

Good help is so hard to find.....

[Series 3 Kitchen Crew...]

Image #12

The Series III Kitchen Crew (Gustav, Savanna, & Everton).....

Image #13

Series III Promo Picture (c) BBC

Image #14

Series III Promo Picture (c) BBC