[Chef Head] Chef! - Show Premise

I could use a little help here with this. If you feel you can contribute, please let me know!

Chef! is a show about a cook named Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry) who is the head chef at a restaurant in England the Chateau Anglais. Gareth (usually just called Chef on the show) is a very good, extremely good cook, and is not afraid to show it. He is married to a woman, Janice Blackstock, and together, the two of them run the restuarant (in the first two series - In Series 3, the arrangement is a bit different).

The show is based around their life running the resturant, and Gareth's rather overzealous and very loud personnel management of the people in his kitchen. Gareth while the best cook in England (or so the show says, anyway) is an extremely high strung person, and loses his temper constantly. It's very funny when he does, and they actually manage to convey very strong emotions while staying away from actual swearing. Part of the thrust of the comedy here is that Gareth is so sure of himself, and blunders into situations and has to get himself out of them.

This really is a quick summary of the show, and while it sounds somewhat boring by this description, it's very well written and very VERY funny stuff. I've also caught out on the Internet that this show actually does a very good job of correctly portraying kitchen life in a 5 star restuarant.