[Chef Head]Why I avoid Romance 
by Caroline Lee Johnson
Originally appeared April 14, 1997 in IPC Magazine

Caroline Lee Johnson, Lenny Henry's wife in Chef, reveals this week why she hasn't got a man in her life - she's too head-strong.

"I'm steering clear of men for a while," she tells Woman's Realm. "Men need to be needed and I'm not very good at that. I'm not good at buttering them up. There don't seem to be many strong men around and I'd want a relationship to be equal, where we both support each other."

The reason may be that like her on-screen characters, she's a very dominant woman. She explains: "I think, perhaps because I'm strong, I frighten some men off. I do want a partner, but I find my standards have gone tip as I've got older and lived on my own for a while."

"I've got used to my own routine which means I'm probably fairly difficult to get on with," she continues, adding, "mind you, I'd like a man to do my housework."